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From Apache to Nginx

89 days ago (Comments: 0)

A short write-up regarding my experience moving my VPS from hosting my sites/services with Apache to Nginx. If you’re considering it, and nervous about how it might go, it might not really be as bad as you think.


Contributing. A Git Tutorial.

96 days ago (Comments: 0)

Back when I was just a wee tyke me mummy used to bake these tasty little gits every year for my birthday.

A story about gitcakes and how to maybe contribute to open source for beginners written by a clueless beginner.


Need SMTP? A Tutorial.

100 days ago (Comments: 0)

A little write up about setting up an SMTP service to send emails from websites and webapps. This tutorial specifically details using Mailjet to send emails from a Calckey instance. I hope you find it helpful.


Calckey Installation Tutorial

103 days ago (Comments: 2)

This tutorial will guide you through installing Calckey utilizing Docker and Apache. Calckey is a federated blogging platform forked from Misskey with several enhancements.


Ode to My Son, 12 Years Old

151 days ago (Comments: 0)

My Son, my lineage.
On your journey to becoming a man.
I would like to share the following words with you.
To impart upon you some of my thoughts and feelings.
My hope is that you may carry these words with you.
That they may be of some use or comfort.
As you navigate along your journey to become your own man in this complicated world.


Updated Layout/Theme

151 days ago (Comments: 0)

Progress update on site layout/theme.



161 days ago (Comments: 0)

Welcome to Heavy.Rocks blog. I’ve switched from Writefreely to Textpattern.