As mentioned, this site is being developed using 11ty. After learning about SSGs, I first played around with Hugo, then Zola, but 11ty was the first one I seemed to really start to get the hang of. A quick crash course on 11ty from Jayden Urwin was a big help.

I'm still very much in the learning phase with 11ty, but so far I'm really digging it. It seems fairly straightforward I think. And it seems incredibly flexible, which is really nice as well.

I believe the original release of this particular site was done with WriteFreely. WriteFreely is a great minimalist federated blogging platform which I liked, but I wanted something a bit more flexible. I then switched to TextPattern becuase I really thought I wanted/needed to have an online backend that I could log in to for updating, but I found I didn't really care for that either. Eleventy seems to fite exactly what I was looking for.

Site Stats

Add site statistics here? Not really certain yet exactly where I'm going with this.

Change Log

2023.06.24 Release v0.3


  • Fixed an issue with iOS that was showing a 1px gap above my footer svg. I found some info regarding a known "issue", but the fixes being suggested weren't working for me, so maybe what I was experiencing wasn't the exact same issue. Ultimately fix it (for now at least) with margin-top: -1px;, which I'm sure isn't best practice, but at least it displays properly for now. Also, forghettabout remote debugging iOS on Linux. I guess if I really want to do that my best option is to probably get a MacOS VM running or something.
  • Re-worked the search page. Duck Duck Go didn't seem to be showing any results, maybe the site hasn't been indexed yet. So I've implemented a vanilla JavaScript solution that will search through all blog and recipe post titles, descriptions, and tags. This really isn't needed on this play site I'm sure, but I wanted to learn more about how to implement a simple JS search feature.

2023.06.17 Release v0.2


  • Added Header Anchors to Blog Posts
  • Added Recipe Section, updated tags page to group tags based on blog posts and recipes posts
  • Tweaked some backend html/css a bit
  • Started on a Search page, right now it just forwards to DDG

2023.06.10 Initial Release v0.1

Initial re-release of the site. Previously the site was built with the Textpattern CMS. I have now re-written it using the Eleventy Static Site Generator.

Things to do yet:

  • Create site stats
  • Convert this section to markdown
  • Maybe add a recipe section, or I could do a special template for recipes and just organize them with tags in the blog...