Today I Learned - 2024

What's this?

The intent is to capture one small thing I learn every day in 2024. Let's see how this goes.

  • #1 Monday January 1st
  • Today I learned that upgrading a PostgreSQL cluster to a newer version is much easier than I thought it would be. But migrating a database from MYSQL to PostgreSQL using PGLOADER is way more difficult for me. Still working on that one.
  • #2 Tuesday January 2nd
  • Today I learned the police are watching a suspected meth house near our apartment building. That's fun news eh?
  • #3 Wednesday January 3rd
  • :( Failed. Missed this day.
  • #4 Thursday January 4th
  • Today I learned that I need to work on being more present. I'm sure there was something new I learned today. But I've felt a bit hazey today. And I feel like I got nothing to mention. Auto pilot.
  • #5 Friday January 5th
  • Today I learned how to migrate my nextcloud instance from mysql to postgresql. It had been stumping me for several days now. But I won in the end.