What's This?

Hey. I'm Mike.

I have used so many different handles or nicks over the past 27+ years being online that I've completely lost track of most of them. As of recently, my only real social media presence is on Mastodon (@finner@mastodon.online), which I have found to be an actually wonderful experience. Mastodon feels like the early days of the internet, in the best possible way. The days before everything was turned into data farms and engagement algorithms and targeted ads. Long before every other person was either a troll or a bot. Back when you could just interact with real people in a real and natural way. When people would just be themselves and everyone wasn't constantly promoting an agenda or influencing and trying to make money off you. Long ago when all of the internet was cool. Sure, we still had some assholes on Usenet or IRC, it just wasn't that bad. Now, far too much of it is just a commercialized mess.

The point of putting this site up is really just to satisfy my own need to try and create something, even if it's mainly for myself. Have a space where I can document some things, either about myself or things I've experienced or figured out. To share some of my thoughts and ideas on whatever topics I feel like sharing something about. I've never really thought of myself as a very creative person (in the general 'artistic' sense), but at the same time, I have always felt the need to create. Usually that winds up being expressed via some kind of programming endeavor, but I've always had an interest in writing, I've just never really properly cultivated that desire. I think most of us, if not all, probably have this feeling to some extent. The desire to create and share. Some of us are far better at cultivating those feelings into amazing ideas that they then bring to fruition. Some, like myself, tend to flounder around a lot and create bits and pieces but struggle to pull something together completely or cohesively.

Like many other blogs by many other people that are very much like me, this will be quite unfocused and random. Mostly, I will probably delve into the topics of technology and programming, music, maybe some politics to a degree... just my experience of the world happening around me. My human experience. Like a public, open, journal of sorts. Getting things out of my head and onto the digital paper.