Freedom = Loving Oneself

Learning to love oneself.

Imperfections and all.

Who are you?

What are you?

Say it out loud.


I am a crooked jaw and messy thoughts.

I am oily skin and scars.


Reminders of where we've been.

What we've done.

Things we've, hopefully, learned from.

Things that helped us grow.

I am bad fashion and nice eyes.

A big nose and a friendly smile.

I am responsibility and despair.

Anxiety and calm.

I am, almost, everything I need to be.

Yet hardly everything I want to be.

But I am me.

And that should be enough.

It is.

It really is.

We just have to know it.

Accept it.

Own it.

Nothing is more liberating than feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Comfortable with your own thoughts.


This is real freedom.

The freedom to be happy.

The freedom to love yourself.

Do not let others insecurities become yours.

Do not give others power to determine how you feel about yourself.

I am beautiful.

You are beautiful.

We are beautiful.

Each and every single one of us.

Be the most unapologetically beautiful and confident you that you can possibly be.

That is punk.

That is freedom.

Love yourself.

And everyone else.