2022-10-16 08:38 (Comments: 0)

I have decided to convert my blog over to Textpattern from Writefreely. While I do like the minimalist and simple nature of Writefreely, I wanted something that was a little more feature rich and had a little more flexibility. Textpattern is a lot more like Wordpress. It’s PHP based and from what I recall from the last time I used Wordpress a million years ago, it has a very similar setup and feel. I think the biggest downside compared to Wordpress might be that I don’t know that it has quite the community of development around it that Wordpress does, but I don’t know that is a problem for me. Looking at the Textpattern Github page, it appears to be under active development. And so far, the documentation appears to be quite thorough and helpful. Installation on my VPS Apache web server was straightforward and simple.

Next steps are to port the tiny bit of content over to here from my Writefeely instance and then start working on developing my own theme for Textpattern here.

Things from Writefreely that I didn’t like or wanted, but it didn’t have:

All in all though, kudos to the Writefreely developers. I think it’s a really cool project and I was quite excited about giving it a go initially. It just ultimately wound up not being what I was looking for.



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