Updated Layout/Theme

2022-10-26 07:03 (Comments: 0)

So I think I’ve gotten a good start on a personalized layout. It’s functional enough to be put into use, but still a ways to go before I’d say it’s complete-ish. I’ve tried to start off with a CSS structure I had started building for a from scratch PHP blog I was playing around with, so there’s a lot of CSS I need to clean up yet. Also, I’m probably not quite utilizing the Textpattern pages and forms to their fullest potential yet. Need to do some refactoring there. Overall though, I’m digging it. I can see how versatile Textpattern can be with it’s tagging template structure.

Right now I have the following items mostly complete:

That covers most of the basic functionality at least. I’m excited to continue tweaking and implementing more stuff, as well as actually creating more posts.

Previously I had said I wasn’t sure how active the community development was around Textpattern. After digging through the documentation a bit more and spending a little time in the forum, I’d say it’s pretty good and active. I didn’t realize just how long Textpattern has been around and how much use it really has. I think it’s a lot more than I initially had been thinking.



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